Why Use RV Storage?

Saskatoon,it’s getting time to store the family RV, as warmer weather signals and fades the end of summer in Saskatoon. Regardless of whether you are looking for brief- or long-term possibilities, BRITEBOX Storage Co in Saskatoon can help. It’s important to understand how to prepare your RV for storage, before you bring it in and park it for any length of time. We have two locations!

Most Motorhome managers use personal storing products since they don’t have sufficient area to keep their car left in the front yard or perhaps the lawn. Furthermore, stability is often a priority, and Motorhome users are usually looking for good ways to shield their investment. Using self safe-keeping for the RV not only frees up place in your front yard and also maintains your car or truck safe and sound although it is left.

Preparing Your RV

Let’s get started with the generator considering that it is a vital element of your RV. However Saskatoon is within the Prairies, still it will get cool throughout the winter. If you’re worried about the pipes freezing, drain all the water from the storage tanks, and add a nontoxic antifreeze to the plumbing. Doing this will maintain the piping from costing and bursting you cash in improvements. Protect your investment!

Next, before parking your RV during short-term storage, fill up your gas tank. Possessing a whole tank inhibits condensation from building up on the reservoir wall surfaces. Furthermore, add a gas stabilizer for determine; the stabilizer maintains the gas from deteriorating as time passes. If you’re parking your RV for more than a few months, drain the tank completely, and refill it when you’re ready to hit the road.

Now it’s a chance to clean your Recreational vehicle around the outside and inside. Wash along the awnings, and let them free of moisture entirely. Shut the blinds to avoid sunlight from damaging the inside furniture. Bare the freezer, and clean it with an antibacterial squirt. After, depart the freezer doors open to stop fungus expansion.

Finally, look at putting wood made panels or plastic-type below the tires to stop getting older and cracking. You need to make sure you blow up the tires and use handles to bar out your sunshine whilst keeping them protected against UV rays.

Why Shop Your RV With BRITEBOX Storage Co?

BRITEBOX Storage Co does not just supply you with a destination to park your car your Recreational vehicle. We also give top-notch stability with 24-60 minutes video clip security. You not only get added space for your RV with BRITEBOX Storage Co, but you also get peace of mind while your RV is away from home. Locate a place near your Saskatoon, Saskatchewan residence now!

Self Storage Units Can Be A Valuable Investment

A great space estimator can make all of the difference in the self-storage business. A customer has the right to find the best storage unit for their antiques. Mini storage units are also available. A mini storage unit can be used to store your golf clubs during the winter. The self storage unit industry is there to help the average person through small jams like that.


A size unit guide can be extremely helpful when selecting units. The best units are going to make sure that you are able to store clothes for a certain amount of time, and that set of clothes will not face damage or stains. The stains are something that can worry people. Our team in the self storage business understand how important it can be to avoid stains on some of your favorite clothes.


It can be helpful for a self storage unit company to have several locations. The importance of having two locations cannot be understated, particularly when companies run out of storage space. A call center may need to store different items at a given location where it happens to be very important.


Some clients are still focused on the seasonal approach. It makes sense to be able to store your grills and other outside cooking equipment during the wintertime. You do not want the grills to become worn and wet during those less than ideal weather situations.


There is medium size storage units that are just too hard to pass up in many cases. A customer may be willing to store their golf carts inside of these units. The fact that a customer can storage units for different pieces of sports equipment can be extremely helpful. The best storage units can relieve your stress, take things off of your mind.


Major decisions can be held off when a customer finds the right storage unit. A customer can store new bathroom fixtures in the right self storage until the house is entirely set up. The entire set up is very important, and our company is there to make sure our customers have a chance to be ready. Self storage units are a great investment. Self storage units show that a customer is thinking ahead.


It may make sense to hold on to some different items until those items go up for auction. The smaller items can be placed in a mini storage unit. The best self storage in Saskatoon can be found with the right research. The self storage units are something that many people can talk about for days. There is a fair amount of virtue in the concept of taking care of your items and managing them by finding the right self storage unit.

BRITEBOX Storage: Best Self-Storage in Saskatoon

Saskatoon's Best Value Mini Storage Facililty

Looking for the best facility intended for both commercial and personal storage units? If yes then BRITEBOX Storage Co. is definitely your best choice. It is considered as the best self-storage in Saskatoon wherein you could definitely keep all your belongings safe and secured. They are definitely the best option in terms of storing valuable items as they have buildings that are built a lot taller providing easy access. They are as well into having spaces intended to store locked storage containers and more services in terms of storage will be guaranteed by BRITEBOX Storage Co.

If you are in Saskatoon and you need storage unit that will meet your needs, BRITEBOX Storage Co is the local favorite. They answer your every need when it comes to storage through their friendly staff and outstanding facilities. Considered as the best self-storage in Saskatoon, all their self-storage units are all available for long and short term rentals. They also sell high quality boxes, locks and other storage supplies in order to make sure of a hassle-free experience in terms of storing of the valuables. There will be an assurance that self-storage facilities are well lit, fully paved, maintained digitally and also monitored securely through surveillance cameras.

With BRITEBOX Storage Co, you could move in during normal time access hours, 6am-11pm, once there are available storage spaces which will meet your storage needs. They are as well rendering contracts monthly but there is a need to do a request at least 10 days of notice prior to moving out. With BRITEBOX Storage Co you are not required to be locked in any long term lease since they are about month-to-month basis. You only pay for the days that you rent, no hidden fees or charges! If the clients request a long term lease, then that can be easily done. They are prorating the monthly fee and clients are only to pay the days that they have used. This self-storage in Saskatoon has this goal of providing honest storage experience to all their clients therefore there will be no hidden fees and no required minimum stay, even on the $1 move in special!

In terms of payment, clients could pay in numbers of ways. It could be in person, money order, make a payment through their website. Clients could as well sign up in order to have payments that are automatically deducted from the saving, credit card or checking account every month. Most major forms of payment are accepted like money orders, checks, MasterCard, VISA, cash and more. And BRITEBOX Storage Co provides you to have an access to your unit for you will be provided with security pass code during the time of signing but only within the normal access hours. You are as well allowed to utilise their complimentary carts once moving in.

With regards to restrictions, there are numbers of items that should not be stored. It includes explosives, liquids, toxic materials, flammable liquids, perishables and animals. There is a need to avoid storing type of food items for it might attract pests. BRITEBOX Storage Co has third-party pest control and so there is an assurance of having no problems being reported. In terms of storing any kinds of vehicle there is a need to make sure that the fuel tank is empty. Ask the friendly staff in regards to the items that are not being restricted but could be considered a problem.

Some of the most common items that could be stored are those that are appliances, electronics, furniture, mattresses and more. Every item that is to be stored in BRITEBOX Storage Co is safe

Mini Storage Tips

  • For fragile items such as mirrors and pictures consider wrapping it with cardboard and then mark it with FRAGILE and then stack it on the end.
  • Some larger appliances could also be considered as excellent packaging cases for other items like towels, blankets, clothes and tablecloths. Some other electronics like TV should be into the rear of the unit as well.
  • In order to save space, try to remove legs of those tables that have removable legs.
  • Loveseats and sofas could be stored into the end in order save the space on the floor. Cushions in plastic should be wrapped and then place it on top of the sofas.
  • For heavy or sharp objects, avoid them to be placed on the top of the upholstered furniture.
  • With regards to metal items, wiping them with machine oil should be considered therefore preventing them to rust.
  • Once you stand mattresses on the sides there is a need to prop them up in order for them to stand straight into the mattress bags avoiding them to bend and become lumpy.
  • Stuffed furniture should be covered with blankets or cardboard in order to protect it against dust.
  • Storing together could also be considered. Some items like rakes, hoes, shovels and hoses could be stored together within an empty trash can and then stack extra cans inside one another.

More tips can be found here!

Those are just among the guides that you might consider if you are into the planning of storing valuable items in any mini storage warehouse. You will have the assurance that your items will definitely be stored safely and will not lead to any damages.

There are a number of benefits for you to consider storage facilities like BRITEBOX Storage Co. It will make you save space in your place and also the assurance that your items are still safe and secured. Having the idea of considering storage facilities is as well associated with the idea that you definitely value your items as well. BRITEBOX Storage Co is definitely the best self-storage in Saskatoon in terms of storing any valuable items that you want to keep safe and secured. If you are in the city, you must not doubt the services that this Saskatoon self storage facility provides. This is the best choice if you are looking for the best storage facilities within the city of Saskatoon.

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BRITEBOX Storage Co, Best Value Storage in Saskatoon

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A New Style of Self Storage


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada’s Handy Self Storage recently announced they have changed their name and brand to BRITEBOX Storage Co., to match their goal of providing a new style of self storage that better serves customers. BRITEBOX Storage Co. offers both indoor and outdoor personal and commercial storage.

When someone looks for a self storage space, a few things are usually considered, like location, level of security, price and other amenities. In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada BRITEBOX Storage Co. has all these qualities, and more covered expertly. Recently, the company announced their rebranding from Handy Self Storage, feeling their new name BRITEBOX better represents the company’s vision for providing a new level of premium quality indoor and outdoor self storage that aims to exceed customer expectations. With two locations in Saskatoon, the company in quickly gaining momentum.

“BRITEBOX Storage Co. is a better way for a brighter day,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We’re doing everything we can to provide a superior self storage experience, with buildings set up to be more comfortable and easy to access. Our storage facilities are fully paved, well lit, diligently maintained and securely monitored by high quality surveillance cameras.”

According to the company, in addition to providing the community with a superior storage facility, they are also very happy to work with many other community organizations whenever possible, including: New Hope Dog Rescue, the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, the Self Storage Association, Canadian Self Storage Association, ROCK 102 Coats for Kids and the North Saskatoon Business Association.

Feedback from customers has been great!

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